What to Talk to Each Other in Hookup Dating?

 The online dating group has become larger and larger, and hookup dating has also become popular from a novelty. So if you are having your first hookup dating with a stranger, what should you talk about?

Proactively mentioning your current situation is a good start. You have to know that whether it is in real life or online dating or making friends, the first thing is naturally to understand the other party's basic information. Although you both may have learned some basic information from the profile card on hookup dating apps. Although this is a part of hookup dating that you must participate in, you need to pay attention to your tone and wording. If you ask bluntly, it is easy for the other person to feel that your purpose of making friends is not pure, which will result in resentment. So in hookup dating, you need to use your high emotional intelligence to speak and avoid asking questions bluntly. After all, the other party wants a free and easy hookup dating, not a serious reply or questionnaire survey.

At the same time, food is also a relaxed topic for two strangers to break awkwardness in hookup dating. Whether it's men or women, whether young or old, everyone has a natural love and longing for food. This natural attraction can help two strangers through the embarrassing period of hookup dating. If your hookup dating partner happens to be someone who has no resistance to food, then food is a pleasant topic. In the hookup dating chat process, if you want to get the favor of the other party, you can go to find and try after talking about your favorite food.

A person's preferences are also a topic in the hookup dating app to let both parties put their guard down. When talking about what she likes, she will be full of interest in such topics, so we often see two people with similar personalities in real life, and the relationship is very close. Hookup dating is the same. If you want to have a better relationship with the other party and increase the success rate of your blind date, you might as well learn to talk to the other party about the people and things she is interested in. In this way, the other party's favorability for you will rise sharply, and your hookup dating will also develop in the direction of success.

Respecting the other party's right to speak is also one of the behaviors to gain a good impression. In many social psychological research reports, it is pointed out that 27% of unsuccessful dating or making friends are due to the embarrassing situation where one party talks too much and the other party has nothing to say! In real life, many dating and making friends will fail and end in such an awkward situation. Therefore, for hookup dating when meeting for the first time, the two parties are not familiar with each other at this time, so both parties should respect each other's freedom of expression. In the conversation, try to give the other person time to talk so that people feel your thoughtfulness and equality.